Complete Guide to increase your chances of winning PVP match - Part 7

In this part, A8 will show you one of the most powerful team: Plant - Rep - Beast.

Complete Guide to increase your chances of winning PVP match - Part 7

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In this part, A8 will show you one of the most powerful team: Plant - Rep - Beast.

1/ Cost:

- Plant: 200$

- Rep: 300$

- Beast: 278$

=> Total cost for a team is 778$

2/ Axie’s card:

3/ Team overview:

Today A8 will introduce to you one of the hot meta of season 18, which is Plant - Rep - Beast.

Based on my own experience, this kind of team is very balanced and easy to play (stable at rank 2k2 with the average income 235slp/day). This team is quite strong, diversified gameplay with abundant damage, no worry for lacking energies.

(Small tips when choosing Rep and Beast: you prefer to choose Axie with speed 43 or higher. Attacking faster than opposing team's Rep/Beast is a huge advantage when playing PVP)

4/ Overview of Skills and Combos:

- Plant: like other teams, I still choose the familiar skill set for Plant, with 120 armor pumpkin, 1 stealing energy skill, and 2 additional skills, hot butt - beech, which balances armor and damage for this Axie.

- Rep: we can attack the opponent’s backline with Tri spikes combo with Kotaro and cerates to gain 1 energy and increase 130% damage, this combo is a real nightmare for birds/fishes. Another plus point is that with the tail Wall Gecko (reduces 15 damage taken) makes Rep stronger.

- Beast: with night steal skill stealing 1 opponent's energy and Dual Blade (130dmg - 250% increase in crititcal), Risky Beast & confident skill create the brand of this meta. Confident skill (0 energy) help beast plus 40% Morale (determines the number of health lines in Last Stand) combined with Risky Beast (100% critical when used in last stand) is the most annoying combo of Beast.

- This team has 3 skills to steal/gain energy to help you much in harassing the enemy. Rep with the backdoor skill to defeat the enemy's backline with great damage and the rigidity of the wall gecko makes Rep become extremely annoying to the opponent.

- The key point of this team is leveraging axie's skill set and how to arrange the team. The Plant will be the first to tank - Rep in the middle (semi-tank & backdoor) - Beast will be the last in team to have more time for combo skills.

- The arrangement of Beast in the last position makes you worry that the opponent's bird/fish will kill your Beast easily with only 3 cards right? Actually, you will expect the opponent to attack your Beast first after raising morale.

- With Confident, you can use without energy for increasing Morale to give the beast more health line in last stand - combo with Risky Beast for 100% critical. With this combo, Beast easily blows away an opponent's Axie with only 2-3 cards.

- Early stage of the game (round 1-2): Plant and Beast try to harass opponents as much as possible with skill and stealing energies. You should try to accumulate cards and calculate the energy and the right time for Rep to kill the opponent's backline. (Note that confident skill does not consume energy, so if the opponent’s Axie can attack our backline, you must use confident skill continuously).

- Mid game (round 3-4): this stage is the golden time for Rep to kill the backline of the enemy team, the successful killing enemy’s backline will increase the victory rate of the match. At this stage, it is also possible that your Beast has been attacked by the opponent team, try to buff the morale and maintain it in 2 rounds!

- Late game: usually the match ends in round 5-7. Although beast’s health and armor is low, there is a big advantage when going to the last stand.

Those are the basic tactics that you need to know before using this team. Hope you guys can find good teams to play!

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