Complete Guide to increase your chances of winning PVP match - Part 3

In this part, A8 will show you one of the most powerful climbing rank squads, Fish - Fish - Bird.

Complete Guide to increase your chances of winning PVP match - Part 3

You can review the previous two parts before beginning Part 3 of the Axie Infinity PvP Tutorials to improve your chances of winning:

Part 1 can be found here.

Part 2 can be found here.

In this part, A8 will show you one of the most powerful climbing rank squads, Fish - Fish - Bird.

1/ Cost:

Obviously, this is the most important factor. The total amount was $822 when I found these Axies to form a Fish-Fish-Bird team (updated on October 12).

Fish: $276

Fish: 307$

Birds: $239

2/ Axie’s card:

3/ Team

There are 2 ways to build for this team:

- Purebreed team (cheap price - good liquidity - standard index easy to calculate dame):

1/ Bird: little all - egg - blackmail - all out shot tail (loses 30% health but 0 energy, necessary for critical damage cases)

2/ Nimo tail fish - 2 blood pumping aqua skills - 1 dame skill

- Hybrid team (high price - medium liquidity - Top 50 PvP leaderboard has 7 teams like this, the highest rank ever seen is No.1)

1/ Bird: change to hare tail (1 card will be drawn randomly, when hitting before each round)

2/ Fish : change the dame skill to goda skill (80dmg | 30armor - dmg is a bit lower but has the effect of destroying the opponent's strength). If the opponent has no energy or only 2 energy/round, killing our fish (2 skills to heal) is impossible.

Note: from my own experience, pets must always have a 0 energy skill. For example, Plant has Biden skill (0 energy, 50 armor, and removes all effects for itself), and Fish has a nimo tail to get energy, Luna or Confident for Beast, or lagging speed for Bugs...)

- When it comes to the Fish - Fish - Bird team, I only pick birds with two types of hare tails or all-out shots:

Hare - (draw 1 random card for your team when playing before each round)

- All-out shot (max damage when you don't have enough health, such as when you come across a healing plant or the enemy team's end has a Rep/Dusk 2 stun)

4/ How to play:

Based on my own experience with this team, I feel quite good. This team is super strong when it comes to PVE, and PVP is also quite good. Despite the fact that the team consists of birds and fish, Plant-Rep-Rep, Plant-Rep-Dusk, Plant-Beast-Bird  has a win rate of over 70%.

My win rate is extremely low when I meet Plant(with healing)-Fish-Fish(Koi tail). I also lose when fighting a team with 2 Bird-Fish(full health + 4-6 energy)- Koi Fish (with 6 energy & speed up +). At the beginning of this battle, if you can't put the damage on the opponent's plant or pull the Koi's health below 50%, the winrate is only around 30%.

In battle, the first thing you have to do is to figure out  if the enemy team has a Back-door bird or a Healing plant. This is crucial because it has a direct impact on how you fight in battle.

Because of the 2 Fish's healing power, the damage isn't very high - use the attack as a defense (just dmg the enemy and heal yourself while buffing 80-160 armor to block the attack), so it accumulates 6 energy in round 2. If you can't kill the opponent's Plant, the game is considered a win rate of 30%.

Battle against teams without a healing Plant or a back-door Bird; harassing the tank with 2 nimo fish while waiting for the bird's card to accumulate dmg is something I find quite easy. Plant-Rep-Rep 2stun win rate is 8/10.

Fighting Fish-Fish-Bird team, you should be aware that you will have to accept the loss of one fish in the 2nd or 3rd round (before losing, you should hit all the cards of that fish number 1 & accumulate the card of fish number 2).

The card selection for Fish 1 is heavily influenced by the turn order (with low ID Fish, the first bet is more advantageous).

If you have a high ID, you can sometimes trap the enemy (for example, my fish has 420 health) - if you have enough 4 skills to get 160 armor, the enemy fish that hits me first will never be able to kill me despite using 4 skills 120 damage (excluding critical damage). After being hit, I will have 20 health remaining and will use 4 aqua skills to restore full 420 health and harass the enemy for 320 dmg, resulting in the enemy surrendering in rate 3/10 matches.

5/ Rank:

With Fish-Fish-Bird team, you can get rank between 1k8 - 2k

Those are the basic playing tactics that you need to know before using this guideline. In the following episodes of A8, we'll go over some other extremely "strong" climbing rank squads for you so that newbies can get a good team!

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