How do top rankers fight in high MMR Axie matches?

How do top rankers fight in high MMR Axie matches?

The Axie Infinity VN Championship is coming closer and closer. Before the championship begins, Let's watch some matches from Axie Infinity pro player to know how competitive it is on high ranks.

1/ Aqua - Aqua - Bird vs Poison meta

Poison lineups always cause extreme inhibition in both high and low ranks. However, every squad has its weak points, let's see how the 2k7 ranker confronts the poison lineups with the Aqua - Aqua - Bird squad!

2/ Double Blade Beast + backdoor + Cute bunny Fear

The scariest thing in this lineup is the assassin Mech which is very expensive with the Cute bunny Fear.

3/ Plant - Mech - Bird assassin lineup

Both Mech and Bird in this lineup has the ability to destroy opponent's backline. This player has dominated the 2k5+ rank with this lineup. How is it going to be? Let's watch the video to know more.

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