Thetan Arena's game modes and maps that you should know

Many people have asked me, "Which game mode should I choose to earn the most money and have the highest win rate?" or "Which map is best for each hero in order to have a higher win rate?"

Thetan Arena's game modes and maps that you should know

Many people have asked me, "Which game mode should I choose to earn the most money and have the highest win rate?" or "Which map is best for each hero in order to have a higher win rate?"

All of your questions will be answered in detail below.

1/ Maps

If you pay attention, you'll notice that the map changes every hour in Thetan Arena. We currently have the following maps available:

  • Plastic city
  • Firework Temple
  • Country side 1 2 3
  • Neon Airport 1 2 3
  • Tower Neon 1 2 3
  • Castle Maze 1 2 3

2/ Game modes:

There is 5 game modes in total:

  • Solo Battle Royale
  • Duo Battle Royale
  • Death Match
  • Super star
  • Tower

Thetan Arena recently released a new update that limits you to only two game modes per hour, one of which is always Battle Royale: Solo or Duo, and the others are Death Match, SuperStar, or Tower. After an hour, you can also see what two game modes will be available.

a/ Solo Battle Royale

You will be alone in the arena in this mode, and your goal is to be the last survivor. Heroes are randomly dropped from the plane into the arena at the map's corners. You'll attack the gift boxes to gain more health, strength, and skills, or you'll open the bomb if you're unlucky! The map will shrink every 12 seconds, and you must stay inside the white ring. The red ring will shrink in the next 12 seconds to match the white ring; if you are still in the red ring, GAME OVER!

b/ Duo Battle Royale:

In this mode, you and your teammates will compete to be the last survivors in the arena, similar to the solo mode above. You'll also smash gift boxes to improve your health, strength, and skills. Every 24 seconds, the map shrinks, forcing all players to compete to see who is the most powerful. The difference between this mode and the previous one is that when we die, our teammates can revive us and fight on our behalf.

c/ Death match:

This is the simplest and most common mode. In this mode, a team will consist of 4 people, for a total of 8 players. You must find a way to defeat the enemy as much as possible in deathmatch mode.

The team with the most points will win if they reach 25 points first or if time runs out.

This mode has a maximum playing time of 3 minutes 30 seconds:

  • You get 1 point for every kill in the first 60 seconds.
  • Each kill will be worth 2 points for the next 90 seconds.
  • Each kill in the final 60 seconds is worth 3 points.

In this mode, the hero will randomly receive a "super huge" gift box with 6000 health, a booster potion that will boost the hero's strength in a short amount of time.

  • Damage: + 30%
  • Speed: + 25%
  • ATK Speed: +30%
  • Armor: 2000

d/ Superstar: Stealing star mode

In this mode, a big star will appear in the middle of the map, and two teams will compete to capture it and collect the gold stars that will fall around the person holding it. A big star will appear in the center of the map after the first 20 seconds. The goal of the mode is to compete for 50 gold stars for your team, or the team with the most gold stars at the end of the match will win.

To survive the round, the members must protect their teammate who holds the big star. When the person in possession of the big star is defeated, the big star will fall to the ground until it is picked up by the next person.

When capturing the big star:

The 1st round will drop 2 gold stars every 5 seconds.

The 2nd round will drop 3 gold stars every 5 seconds.

The 3rd round will drop 5 gold stars every 5 seconds.

Gold stars will fall at random near the big star's occupied region.

We can still win even if the enemy team captures the big star by collecting the gold star that falls around the big star holder.

e/ Tower:

The goal of this mode is to destroy the tower of the opposing team. The team that keeps the "energy battery" for 40 seconds will summon a robot to attack the opponent's tower; if there is no robot, it will not be able to attack the opponent's tower.

If your team summons the robot, you must protect it on its journey until the robot arrives at the opponent's tower and attacks it.

When the enemy team summons the robot, we must defeat it on the way as quickly as possible so that the robot does not attack our team's tower. The enemy team's onslaught is also present.

When a robot is defeated, the "energy battery" will pop up in the middle of the map after 20 seconds.

The winning team is:

  • The team successfully knocks down the opponent's tower.
  • When the timer runs out, the tower has more blood.

Gameplay time: 5 minutes

Battery appearance time: 20 seconds

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