Introducing ReneVerse - A Revolution in Game Advertising on the Ancient8 Ecosystem

Introducing ReneVerse - A Revolution in Game Advertising on the Ancient8 Ecosystem

Advertising is a cornerstone of business success and growth. Within the gaming industry, it facilitates connections between brands, games, and gamers while expanding reach and driving sales. However, the fiercely competitive gaming landscape has seen an increase in intrusive pop-up ads, negatively affecting gamers’ experience and user retention.

ReneVerse was born to tackle this issue. ReneVerse is an innovative Borderless Advertising platform that aims to eliminate disruptive in-game ads while fostering fair game advertising that benefits brands, game developers, and gamers.

With its innovative approach to in-game advertising, ReneVerse is set to become the go-to solution for traditional and blockchain gaming brands, offering a platform for ad campaigns that foster relationships between brands, game developers, and gamers in exciting new ways. With other growth tools in the Ancient8 Ecosystem, game developers are enabled with a high-performance go-to-market suite that can bring games from zero to hero.

ReneVerse: Borderless Advertising

In-game Advertising

Leveraging blockchain technology, ReneVerse tokenizes digital ad assets to create a borderless in-game advertising ecosystem. The platform enables seamless tokenization and transfer of in-game ad items across games and chains. 

ReneVerse’s Borderless Interoperability Engine and Asset Hub allow for ad asset customization and integration into ReneVerse-connected games, supporting multiple blockchains for asset import/export. This infrastructure also empowers developers and gamers to take full advantage of the ads assets’ utility across diverse gaming environments.  

ReneVerse is positioned to serve as a growth platform for an array of brands and games seeking deeper connections with blockchain gamers. At the same time, it promises to introduce an innovative in-game advertising approach that benefits all stakeholders involved.

How ReneVerse Benefits Different Stakeholders

ReneVerse technology is set to blur the boundaries between advertising and in-game experience. ReneVerse will help game developers, brands and gamers benefit from in-game ads, in particular:

For Game Developers: 

  • Decrease Churn Rate: By eliminating interruptive ads with Borderless Ads, ReneVerse ensures non-intrusive in-game ads, enhancing gaming experiences that do not aggravate gamers with pop-up ads. 
  • Increases Game Revenue: Developers can monetize assets containing Borderless Ad surfaces, benefiting from ad dollars distributed from brand campaigns.
  • The option to enrich games with ad assets: Developers can onboard multiple brands simultaneously, and place ads on any in-game surface or object with ad assets across Web2, Web2.5, or Web3 brands. These ad assets, known as Branded Assets, take in-game product placements to the next level with unparalleled modularity and customization.

For Traditional or Blockchain Gaming Brands:

  • Optimized Ads Decisions: ReneVerse matches brand campaigns with games aligned with the brand's message and target audience. Ad-viewing activity and user segmentation data are anonymously stored on the blockchain, ensuring transparent ad-dollar distribution.
  • Wider Reach and Improved Ads: Brands can create one ad campaign and distribute it across multiple games simultaneously, simplifying campaign scaling, maximizing reach, and saving time and resources.

For Gamers:

  • Elimination of Annoying Pop-up Ads: Ads are integrated into game assets that can be interacted with or owned. This opens up opportunities for exciting ad experiences and auspicious player-consumer ad interactions.
  • Increased Income from Ad-related Assets: Ad dollars from brand campaigns will be distributed to those engaging with or owning assets containing Borderless Ad surfaces.
  • Privacy of Personal Data: Ad impression and interaction data are stored anonymously on the blockchain.

ReneVerse will serve as a bridge between different brands, games, and users, enabling seamless in-game advertising that benefits parties in a way that was not possible before.

A Flagship Growth Tool on the Ancient8 Ecosystem

ReneVerse: Borderless Advertising

ReneVerse plays a major role in the Ancient8 Ecosystem alongside other go-to-market products like Space3, A8 ID, and Ancient8 Gaming. For game developers and brands seeking to grow their web3 audiences, ReneVerse can be utilized in conjunction with Space3 to maximize reach and revenue through the combination of advertising, gaming, and community building.

Space3 is the leading Game Publisher, reshaping the distribution of millions web2 and web3 games by captivating players through gamified experiences built on blockchain. Members can accumulate social and financial value, build identity in the Metaverse, and access exclusive rewards through the unique Energy Points system. With Space3, gamers and gaming entities can unlock new dimensions of engagement, loyalty, and growth beyond the limitations of existing community platforms.

By leveraging ReneVerse alongside Space3, game developers can now not only curate a community and increase game activities and user base but also benefit from advertising dollars from other games and brands.

As a growth product, ReneVerse empowers Web3 game developers to successfully market and grow games, especially those building on Ancient8 Chain. For these developers, ReneVerse represents an optimal advertising solution offering revenue benefits and performance flexibility, which can be combined with other growth products and platforms.

Moving forward, the ReneVerse team will closely work with Ancient8 Foundation to co-develop the ReneVerse platform and expand its ecosystem. The team will also collaborate with other games and brands that are on the Ancient8 Chain, fostering a vibrant and supportive community aimed at democratizing access to decentralized technology.

With the integration of ReneVerse into the Ancient8 Ecosystem, game developers are further empowered to launch high-performance games on Ethereum with an enhanced go-to-market suite. This supports the expansion of Web3 tech, propelling the Ecosystem towards the future of empowering 1M builders and inspiring 100M gamers globally.

About ReneVerse 

ReneVerse is a next-gen marketing solutions provider for games, offering immersive in-game ads and industry-first dynamic in-game product placements. Its flagship offering Borderless Ads makes use of ReneVerse's proprietary asset interoperability engine to enable advertisers to craft and deliver branded experiences in the playable environments of games with an unparalleled degree of creative freedom, all while being faster and easier to bring to market.

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