Introducing Ancient8 Chain: The Future of Web3 Gaming on Ethereum

Introducing Ancient8 Chain: The Future of Web3 Gaming on Ethereum

Today marks a significant milestone for Ancient8 as we launch the Ancient8 Chain, a gaming-focused community-driven Ethereum Layer 2 built to onboard the next 100 million Web3 citizens.

Our journey is fueled by the spirit of innovation and unity. At its core, we're a pioneer on the Optimism Superchain, making Ethereum gaming accessible to everyone. We offer a comprehensive suite of products that serve game studios, providing seamless access to launch, onboard, localize, market, and engage. Our chain is led by the Ancient8 Collective, a combination of our core gaming partners. Together, we foster a decentralized community and build an inclusive ecosystem that empowers all.

A Momentous Leap: Gaming Guild to Layer 2 Ecosystem

In 2021, Ancient8 began a mission as a Gaming Guild to introduce users to Web3 through gaming. We partnered with over 100 games to assist 200,000+ gamers in navigating Web3. However, as we work with our partners and gamers, we constantly see the same challenge in Web3 gaming – most blockchains fall short in providing the tech, tools, and community needed for gaming. Games need a blockchain that can deliver seamless, high-performance gaming experiences that players and developers deserve.

Thus, Ancient8 is launching the Ancient8 Chain, a gaming-focused ETH Layer 2 chain that addresses these shortcomings head-on and is tailor-made for the unique demands for gaming.

Our goal is to onboard millions of users into Web3. To achieve this, we've formed strategic alliances and developed cutting-edge software products, introducing the Ancient8 Ecosystem of builders. This ecosystem proudly hosts five protocols that serve web3 game studios - Space3, Dojo Launchpad, Eko ID, PlayNation, and Gosu Network. These projects are designed to empower users and developers, promoting collaboration within the thriving world of Web3 gaming.

Building a Decentralized Future - The Ancient8 Foundation

As we build towards a future with decentralized gaming, we are also decentralizing Ancient8 by establishing the Ancient8 Foundation. Ancient8 will no longer have a centralized team. The Ancient8 Chain ecosystem will be built collaboratively and decentralized by the Ancient8 Collective, a group of 8 core partners comprised of top web3 gaming thought leaders who are committed to shaping the mainstream adoption of a decentralized world. The Ancient8 Foundation will focus on fostering adoption of the Ancient8 Chain and its decentralized governance.

Metacyber8 Labs, a venture studio focusing on Web3 product development, will be the core contributor to build the Ancient8 Chain technology and some of its core ecosystem products.

With each step, we shape the future of Web3 gaming, guided by unity and community strength. Our singular purpose is to create a vibrant Metaverse, fostering endless possibilities and innovation.

Ancient8 Chain: Unlocking the Future of Web3 Gaming and Consumer DApps on Optimism

Ancient8 doesn't just offer a gaming chain; we present the unequivocal choice for web3 games. It's the ultimate solution for developers seeking to create immersive, scalable, and cost-effective blockchain games.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

1. Make Gaming on Ethereum Possible

The decision to build a Layer 2 on the OP Stack is rooted in the pursuit of creating the best possible infrastructure for web3 gaming and consumer DApps. This decision aligns with Optimism's Superchain concept, offering both scalability and composability, thus empowering developers to create engaging experiences, and providing users with low-cost transactions. The Superchain vision ensures a future where scalability and different systems coexist, bringing more exciting possibilities to gaming and DApps.

  • Scalability and throughput advantages: The OP Stack offers a highly scalable solution, addressing Ethereum mainnet limitations. Integrated with Optimistic Rollups, Ancient8 Chain achieves impressive transaction throughput, ensuring smooth user experiences by eliminating congestion and delays that hinder web3 gaming and consumer DApps adoption.
  • EVM compatibility: The OP Stack is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), enabling seamless code and infrastructure adaptation. This alignment, combined with a cost-efficient rollup architecture, enhances user accessibility, promoting interoperability and collaboration within the blockchain space.
  • Security and trust: Leveraging Ethereum's battle-tested security, Ancient8 Chain settles transactions on the mainnet, fostering user confidence in a trusted, decentralized network.
  • Interoperability and collaboration: The OP Stack envisions uniting rollup architectures, promoting interoperability and collaboration on-chain. Ancient8 Chain becomes part of a vibrant ecosystem, pioneering the OP Chain gaming ecosystem, enabling developers to collaborate, share resources, and expand possibilities for web3 gaming and consumer DApps.

2. Everything a Game Studio Needs: Ancient8's All-Inclusive Suite

Ancient8's suite of products is strategically designed for the burgeoning Web3 gaming market, targeting an audience of over 100 million potential users. From building on Ancient8 Chain to launching with Dojo, onboarding with Space3, localizing with PlayNation, and marketing with Gosu Network, our comprehensive approach sets the stage for Web3 native game publishing and amplifies market presence. With a focus on emerging markets and a thriving gamer community of 200K+, Ancient8 stands at the forefront of game development innovation.

3. Built by the Ancient8 Collective

The Ancient8 Chain ecosystem will be built collaboratively by the Ancient8 Collective, a group of core partners comprised of top web3 gaming thought leaders who are committed to shaping the mainstream adoption of a decentralized world. The Ancient8 Chain will be built by games, for games and gamers. This spirit of unity extends to all gamers, underscoring our commitment to inclusivity and shared growth. We are more than a gaming chain; we are 'The Collective Gaming Chain', with a joint commitment to building an ecosystem that empowers all decentralized games.

Global Expansion: Fueling Web3 Adoption Worldwide

Ancient8 Chain's launch opens a new chapter with a global focus, reaching out to audiences far beyond South East Asia. As the world witnesses a surge in crypto adoption and the explosive growth of web3 gaming and consumer DApps, Ancient8 takes immense pride in its strong community and strives to provide the essential infrastructure for mass adoption. By embracing Ancient8 Chain, users and developers worldwide can be part of the blockchain revolution.

The potential for hundreds of millions of users across the globe to join the blockchain revolution now becomes a reality. Ancient8 is proud to lead this transformative journey, driving the expansion of web3 gaming and consumer DApps while propelling blockchain towards its full potential.

Join us in shaping the future of decentralized applications with Ancient8 Chain.

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