Common mistakes made by newbies when playing Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is currently the most popular strategy P2E game, and for some people, playing Axie is more than just a game; it's a way of life.

Common mistakes made by newbies when playing Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is currently the most popular strategy P2E game, and for some people, playing Axie is more than just a game; it's a way of life.

Gaming, on the other hand, is not always easy, and everyone makes mistakes. In this article, I'll discuss common mistakes when playing Axie Infinity and how to fix them.

1. Uncomfortable mentality

This is the cause of mistakes when playing Axie Infinity.

Playing games is intended to be enjoyable, but P2E games are a different story. Why? As stated at the beginning of this article, playing Axie Infinity is not only a game for some people, but also a job. When it comes to money, the insider will have to deal with an unseen pressure that weighs down the mind.


When playing Axie Infinity, most new players will have the mindset that they must win in order to rank up and earn more money. At this point, the player has lost sight of the fact that he is playing a game and will concentrate solely on fighting as many matches as possible, ignoring the need to dig deeper into the game. If you maintain that mindset, one thing is certain: you will not be able to improve your current position.

Keep in mind that gaming is meant to be enjoyable, however don't confuse a relaxed mentality with a loose mentality!

2. Lose your temper

When playing Axie Infinity, try to keep a cool head, you’ll lose if you are too hot-tempered and hasty.

When playing games, we will come across some of the situations that will irritate us and cause us to lose our temper. As a result, you'll suffer continuous defeat and your rank will fall dramatically. Anyone who has played Axie knows how difficult it is to gain rank, but losing rank is much easier because when you lose, your rank is deducted more than the rank gained when you win.


The solution is simple: if you lose three or four games in a row, you should stop playing and do something else. You can watch YouTube, make a cup of coffee, or drive around the neighborhood. Start again to reclaim what you've lost once your mood has stabilized.

3. Lose your concentration

I'm sure a lot of people will be playing games while listening to music or browsing Facebook, etc., which will lead to the third fatal mistake in Axie Infinity, which is 'distracting' yourself while playing the game.

As I mentioned, keep a relaxed mentality when playing Axie Infinity, rather than a loose mentality. Because the distinction between these two concepts is so thin, you may not notice it until you sit back and think about it, or until you read this article.

I think, at least once in a lifetime, everyone remembers that our teachers always ask us not to do anything during class that is not related to our studies. It's the same because your brain is overwhelmed when you're playing Axie while listening to music or doing something else, and you can't focus on the main task. A favorite song or a picture of a pretty girl may make you feel more at ease, but when playing Axie Infinity, this is a fatal flaw.


You don't want to miscalculate the energy or damage to finish off the opponent's Axie; if you do, you'll be defeated.

4. Despise the enemy

When you meet a team that you believe has a chance to win, don't get too excited, because anything can happen in life. When you are so used to winning that team formation, you'll tend to lose your focus.

Confidence in your ability to win is a good thing, but being subjective in front of your opponent is a mistake, and it is best to leave if you have this mentality. Even if the opponent's formation is one you've won a hundred, thousand times, you should always be cautious. You will receive an instant loss that should not have happened if you are slightly negligent and your opponent has a little luck.


After playing Axie Infinity for a while, I've come up with four common mistakes. If you've made any other mistakes, please leave a comment to discuss with Ancient8!

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