Blockchain Game is exploding in popularity like never before. With the crypto market's rapid volatility, it's understandable that you might feel "overwhelmed" with a number of game projects one day.

Which game should I choose? Is this a "profitable" game? Where can I find games?

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Thanks to Axie Infinity, Blockchain Game is now well-known. However, Axie is not the only one who has a good game. Source: Kyros Ventures

Find gems based on their ecosystem.

The value of ecosystems cannot be overstated. The criterion for selecting potential blockchain projects is always which blockchain platform the project is built on, who has the same support system, and so on. Blockchain games are no different.

Ethereum Ecosystem

Axie Infinity (AXS) is the most prominent game in the Ethereum system, even billionaire Mark Cuban has joined it. Good game, high profit (75-80% of investment per month), the only drawback is the high capital.

X World Games (XWG) is a Game Card game with the concept of Dream Cards, which are unique character designs. The person who owns NFT cards and participates in game features to earn XWG such as missions, battles, and ranking rewards (Ranking).

Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem (BSC)

Crypto Blades (SKILL) is an NFT game with a role-playing model of characters, in which players collect weapons and equipment to participate in a fighting game.

Mobox (MBOX) is a game that combines Yield Farm and Gameplay features. Mobox enables players to use NFT to be minted on the platform's MOMO Box feature, and then use the minted NFT to farm tokens and play games to earn MBOX.

DungeonSwap (DND) is another popular P2E game. Readers look at the gameplay and payback time to see if it meets your requirements or not!

Solana and WAX ecosystems

The Solana ecosystem must include the hidden gem," which is Star Atlas (ATLAS). This is a metaverse game that combines Blockchain, real-time graphics, and DeFi. The project will IDO on Raydium and IEO on FTX.

Polygon and Flow ecosystems

Aavegotchi successfully launched mainnet in March 2021, and the GHST token price reached a new ATH. Aavegotchi's character design is cute ghosts, and it easily elicits sympathy from players.

LooserChick (CHICK) is another popular Polygon-based game that has recently gained popularity. Users use CHICK token to collect eggs (EGG token), then use eggs to continue minting NFT chickens (LooserChick), and finally stake LooserChick to mine CHICK again.

Enjin ecosystem

Chromia ecosystem

Although Chromia has just been developed, so far there have been many games to look forward to such as My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) or Mines of Dalarnia.

Find hidden gems by Game Studio.

If you are a true gamer, you are probably aware of the importance of game studios. A well-known "publisher" and "manufacturer" name will not only ensure a good game, but will also allow the game to benefit from that Studio's resources.

Studio Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands is Studio's most popular representative in the blockchain game market. Crazy Defense Heroes, a hit P2E game from Animoca Brands, must be included.

Crazy Defense Heroes (TOWER) is a Play to Earn and Play for Free game (free to play), and all you need to get started is a smartphone (Android or iOS) (no initial cost like Axie and other games).

However, the most profitable project is My DeFi Pet (DPET). This is a traditional Virtual Reality Pet Game that uses NFT to combine DeFi, collections, and personalization.

Find hidden gems by game genre

If you've ever been fascinated by action games like Diablo, try MIST, a monster-fighting NFT game in the RPG genre.

Try the addictive P2E horse racing game ZED RUN if you're into sports games. This is an NFT game that simulates the Horseracing (horse racing) ecosystem, with three major modes of interaction: race participation, horse breeding, and NFT horse trading. DeRace is another horse racing game.

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