Axie Infinity teams that are difficult to defeat - Part 1

As you may know, knowing and understanding our own team isn't enough to win a PVP match; we also need to know and understand the strategies of our opponents.

Axie Infinity teams that are difficult to defeat - Part 1

As you may know, knowing and understanding our own team isn't enough to win a PVP match; we also need to know and understand the strategies of our opponents.

In each chapter of this series, A8 will share with you the opponent's "tough" lineups so that you may refer to them and know how to deal with comparable opponents. And today's topic will be: Aqua - Aqua - Bird.

Aqua - Aqua - Bird: is a very irritating squad in combat, good harrassment, heals itself, and waits for Bird to have enough cards to deal damage. Essentially, this is a highly strong team, with players ranging from rank 1k5 to the top 50 leaderboard.

1/ Advantages:

  • The team that fights first has the advantage of having an active and overwhelming position in the game. (The two categories of pets with the fastest speeds in the game are birds and pure-breed fish.)
  • A team of two nimo fish gains energy, making it very easy to combo and not fearing a shortage of physical strength.
  • Each fish can recover 400HP when the combo consists of 4 cards - boost 184 armor for itself by harassing the opponent's HP.
  • With only 3 energy, 1 skill all-out shot and little owl, pure-breed birds may defeat the opponent's damage in round 1.
  • Despite the fact that the team is made up of fish and birds, it is immune to Rep/Dusk 2 stuns, poisonous Rep/Dusk, and other hot meta.

2/ Disadvantages:

  • Because of nimo fish healing abilities, the team lacks a true tanker, making it rather vulnerable. To tame this team, players with a good skill level or higher are required.
  • When it comes to dealing with Plant-Rep-Dusk, the team lacks a lot of damage. Pulling, healing, and harassing the opponent while waiting for the Bird card is a hazardous strategy if the opposing side also has tankers.

3/ Opportunity:

  • One of the most important opportunities to overwhelm the opponent from the first round is the speed advantage that always comes first in each round of all three Axies. Force your team to either use energy in defense plants or tolerate the loss of plants in order to build up cards and energy for others.
  • Fish with high speed can be more active in collecting cards/energy (after the enemy's energy has been counted) and then stacking damage in the next round with HP recovery for themselves, thereby negating the enemy's prior efforts.

4/ Challenges:

  • When facing the opponent's Plant/Rep/Dusk, the team's primary issue is dealing with the lack of damage. When hitting Plant/Rep/Dusk, the attribute counter (fish/bird) reduces damage by 15%. It’s particularly tough to finish nimo fish with two healing abilities (dame 80), as the responsibility of dame falls entirely on the main Bird, posing a significant risk.
  • The Aqua-Aqua-Bird team's most significant advantage is its speed. As a result, facing a team with speed+ KOI will be extremely disadvantageous.
  • From round one to two, you must completely dominate your opponent. To win, you must force down the opponent's tanker in the first three rounds with a basic 7 energy.

5/ Tips for dealing with Aqua-Aqua-Bird team:

  • Keep the tanker (plant/dusk) alive until the third round to deplete your opponent's cards and energy. Plants with dame skills like cactus and hotputt are quite useful, as they can both guard and deal 176 damage to fish.
  • Having a team with low speed skill is a huge plus.
  • Bird, the team's major dame, is the center of attention.
  • Collect damage cards to complete the game and avoid running out of stamina.
  • The team with KOI fish in the backline is the rudest rival of the Aqua-Aqua-Bird team. A KOI with 6 energy may easily kill the nimo, then speed up and cleanly kill the bird.
  • Choose at least two debuff skills (low speed- stun...).
  • Choose hotputt Plants that have at least 1 skill damage like cactus/biden.
  • The Aqua-Aqua-Bird team has a speed advantage. If your team consists purebreed birds and fish, choose Axies with a low ID to fight first, breaking the enemy's initiative and overpowering the enemy.

Hope you guys will like this series and achieve higher rank!

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