Ancient8 x Polkastarter Gaming Game Nights Season 2

We are excited to continue to encourage our community members to take the lead on community initiatives, so we’ve decided to sponsor up to 8 more Game Nights hosted by community members for Season 2 of this event!

Ancient8 x Polkastarter Gaming Game Nights Season 2

What is Ancient8’s Game Night Season 2?

After the success of the Ancient8 Game Night series in August, we are excited to continue to encourage our community members to take the lead on community initiatives, so we’ve decided to sponsor up to 8 more Game Nights hosted by community members for Season 2 of this event!

This season, Ancient8 is hyped to have more friends to join us in the fun! We will collab with the amazing community at Polkastarter Gaming Guild to organize the game nights series in both Ancient8 and Polkastarter Discord servers! This will be a lot of fun as both communities will have the chance to hang out in each other's Discord and build more friendships amongst our gaming communities!

Ancient8 and Polkastarter will both open a Google form on both Discord servers for members to apply to host 1 out of 8 game nights. After that, the Ancient8 and Polkastarter teams will review and select 8 impressive game night proposals and select 4 proposals from each community to be an official Game Night Host! The rewards for each game night have also tripled in value for Season 2! Each game night host will receive a $60 reward sponsored by Ancient8 and Polkastarter! These 10 hosts are responsible for hosting, moderating in english, and selecting top winners for their game night event.

Similar to Season 1, there will also be a Best Game Night Host competition, but with big reward changes from the previous season! The Top 2 Best Hosts will win the total prize pool of $200 + 30,000 BBP + 30,000 PGG! The scoring criteria for top 2 best hosts will be based on the number of votes from the community. You guys decide who you enjoy most, and you guys decide who wins!

⏰ Timeline

  • Sep 12th: Game night announcement on Ancient8 and Polkastarter social media channels
    Sep 17th - 18th: Game night selection from Ancient8 and Polkastarter team
  • Sep 20th - 24th: Open Google Form for the community to register to play
  • Sep 26th - Oct 7th: Game Night Series organized by the Community
  • Oct 8th - Oct 11th: The best Host Voting Poll
  • Oct 12th: Game Night Series and The best Host Voting Poll results

🎁 Prize

- 60$ / Game Night, the prize for the winner will depend on the idea given by the Administrator

- The best organizer of Game Nights: $200 + 30,000 BBP + 30,000 PGG

👨‍✈️👩‍✈️ Instructions To Register To Be A Host of the Game Night Series

Step 1: Make an idea and plan for your Game Night (
Step 2: Fill out the registration form and submit your game ideas through:
Step 3: Wait for the results at Discord channel

Ancient8 & Polkastarter will open a Google Form so that community members can submit ideas for the Game Night Series, and select the 10 most interesting games from 10 different Hosts.

After that, Ancient8 & Polkastarter will contact the potential Hosts to prepare the game and a GG Form for the community to register.

All Game Night sessions will be clearly scheduled for community members to follow. Stay tuned and don’t miss any announcements from Ancient8.

Note: The Game Night session will qualify to receive a $60 sponsorship from Ancient8 only when there are more than 20 people registered to participate.

⛹️⛹️‍♀️ Instructions to register to become an Ancient8 & Polkastarter Game Night Player

After 10 Game Night hosts have been selected, please stay updated on Ancient8 & Polkastarter social media pages and wait for the registration form (FCFS) to join your favorite Game Night on our Discord channel to register and start competing!

🏆 How to get the title: The best organizer of Game Nights

The Hosts will also compete with each other to get the title The Best Organizer of Game Nights and will receive the prize of $200 + 30,000 BBP + 30,000 PGG.

The voting poll will be held on Ancient8 Discord Server where the members can vote for their favorite Host as well as any Game Night session. It will be open from September 8th to September 11th.

Are you confident enough to host your favorite Game Night?! Register as a Game Night Organizer or Player now!

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