Ancient8 Partners with IQ Protocol to Lead the Intersection of Web3 Gaming and Decentralized Finance

Ancient8 Partners with IQ Protocol to Lead the Intersection of Web3 Gaming and Decentralized Finance
Ancient8 partners with IQ Protocol

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with IQ Protocol, a pioneer in NFT lending solutions. Prior to this, IQ Protocol announced its deployment on the Ancient8 Chain, with the platform set to be live on Ancient8 Testnet V2 and integrated into Ancient8 Mainnet in Q2 2024.

Our collaboration marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of a more accessible and robust gaming infrastructure on the Ancient8 Chain, bringing us closer to our vision of "Unleashing the Gaming Revolution, Empowering 1M Builders, Inspiring 100M Gamers" on a global scale. 3 Our partnership aims to empower users to unlock the full potential of their in-game assets through IQ Protocol's secure and efficient NFT lending and borrowing mechanisms.

IQ Protocol: A Game-Changer in the Realm of NFTs and DeFi

IQ Protocol is a revolutionary blockchain project making waves in the NFT and DeFi space. They've built a user-friendly platform specifically designed for NFT rentals and borrowing, essentially creating a digital asset rental marketplace. IQ Protocol's leading solutions include:

  • Effortless NFT Rentals: IQ Protocol boasts a user-friendly platform with features like free trials and gasless transactions, making NFT rentals a breeze. 
  • Secure and Transparent Functionality: IQ Protocol prioritizes security with deposit-free rentals and rigorously audited protocols to ensure the safety of your NFTs.
  • Advanced NFTFi Features: IQ Protocol offers a robust suite of features including an analytics dashboard, API integration, widget deployment, and a fiat on-ramp for a seamless user experience.

Ancient8 and IQ Protocol: Empowering Web3 Gaming

With the integration of IQ Protocol's advanced features into the Ancient8 Chain, we are set to redefine the standards of security, transparency, and efficiency. By leveraging IQ Protocol's state-of-the-art solutions, both game developers and gamers on the Ancient8 Ecosystem are enabled with an enhanced blockchain gaming experience. In particular:

For Game Developers:

  • Deeper Player Engagement: IQ Protocol's lending and borrowing mechanisms add a new layer of depth and strategy to play-to-earn games, fostering a more engaged player base and leading to long-term sustainability for games. 
  • Expanding Player Reach: By facilitating easier access to in-game assets, IQ Protocol provides games and game developers with a wider pool of potential players, benefiting developers by attracting a larger user base.

For Gamers:

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Gamers can now leverage IQ Protocol's lending and borrowing features to optimize their play-to-earn experience. They can try out new in-game items without permanent investment through borrowing, and generate quick income by lending out unused assets.
  • Opportunity to Try Out More Games: IQ Protocol allows players with limited capital to participate in the play-to-earn ecosystem. By borrowing NFTs, they can access exclusive in-game content and start earning rewards sooner.

Our collaboration with IQ Protocol aims to create a thriving and inclusive play-to-earn ecosystem and unlocks exciting possibilities for the Ancient8 Ecosystem. By empowering both gamers and developers, we are leading towards the mission of "To make high-performance gaming on Ethereum possible, with everything a game studio ever needs." 

Stay tuned for more updates from this exciting partnership on our X (twitter)!

About IQ Protocol

IQ Protocol is a permissionless open-source NFT rental technology. Our easy no-cost integration empowers users to discover and seamlessly onboard onto blockchain games and NFT projects. But we’re more than rental infrastructure. We’ve built solutions specifically tailored for games to increase the three metrics which matter… players, activity, and liquidity.

Integrating with IQ Protocol has boosted the distribution of our partners assets by 10x and onboarded thousands of players.

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About Ancient8

Ancient8 is building an ETH gaming Layer 2 built with OP Stack. We offer a suite of Web3 gaming infrastructure tools that serve as the distribution and marketing channel for games globally. With Space3 Game Publishing Platform, Ancient8 Gaming Guild, Reneverse Web3 Ads engine, A8ID, and Gosu Network, Ancient8 is dedicated to onboard millions of gamers to Web3 gaming, while providing unparalleled support to game developers looking to reach more players. Ancient8’s products have helped 100+ Web3 games and 200K+ users better navigate Web3.

Ancient8 has raised $10M in total financing from leading investors including Pantera, Dragonfly, Hashed, Makers Fund, Mechanism, Coinbase, IOSG, Jump and Animoca.

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