Ancient8 Collaborates with StreamNFT to Supercharge NFT Utility on the Ancient8 Ecosystem

Ancient8 Collaborates with StreamNFT to Supercharge NFT Utility on the Ancient8 Ecosystem
Ancient8 partners with StreamNFT

We’re excited to announce the strategic partnership with StreamNFT, a renowned NFT Utility infrastructure provider. This collaboration marks a significant moment for the Ancient8 Ecosystem, aiming to enhance the gaming landscape through pioneering financialization tools. StreamNFT’s infrastructures are tailored for NFTs, including NFT rentals and loans, when integrated into Ancient8 Chain will contribute to a flourishing Web3 gaming environment.

StreamNFT: a Scalable Infrastructure for NFT Economy

StreamNFT is a pioneer in the NFT ecosystem, their composable liquidity technology addresses the critical challenges of utility, liquidity, and accessibility within the NFT space. StreamNFT's innovative protocols are revolutionizing the blockchain art and collectibles landscape, offering a comprehensive solution to maximize the potential of NFT assets. With a focus on GameFi, RWA, Collectibles, and Brands, StreamNFT is dedicated to optimizing the liquidity and utility of NFTs, making them more accessible and valuable for diverse domains. By presenting a suite of protocols designed to empower developers and creators, StreamNFT is driving the future of NFTs with versatility and inclusivity.

Ancient8 and StreamNFT: Forging a Future of Web3 Gaming Innovation

Our partnership brings several benefits for game developers and gamers in the Ancient8 Ecosystem, particularly highlighting:

For game developers:

  • Financialization for NFTs: Game developers can seamlessly incorporate StreamNFT's infrastructure into their games, accessing a variety of financialization tools for NFTs within the Ancient8 Ecosystem. These resources include collateral-free NFT rentals, NFT loans, and an NFT utility portal, offering developers a solid foundation to build robust in-game economies.
  • Enriched Game Mechanism: Through StreamNFT's NFT Utility portal, game developers are empowered to offer post-mint utilities that enhance gameplay, fostering deeper player engagement and loyalty. StreamNFT’s protocols open doors for developers to add utilities without heavy upgrade costs, facilitating a quicker rollout of new features.

For gamers:

  • Enhanced Financial Utilities for in-game NFTs: Through the NFT Utility portal, gamers can access discounted rewards, special offers, and exclusive benefits, enabling them to maximize their gaming experience and receive added value for their participation. Moreover, StreamNFT allows Web3 gamers to explore games at reduced costs by renting out NFTs, while NFT holders can monetize idle assets through rentals.
  • Enriched Gaming Experience: StreamNFT’s collateral-free NFT loans provide players with instant liquidity, ensuring a seamless lending experience. Additionally, StreamNFT enables players to utilize multiple financialization tools simultaneously, maximizing their earning potential while enhancing the in-game economy to be more dynamic, immersive, and enjoyable.

Our partnership with StreamNFT signifies a notable step forward in Web3 gaming advancement, equipping developers and gamers with the essential tools and utilities to curate and explore innovative gaming experiences on the Ancient8 Chain. This collaboration promises a future where innovation and engagement flourish, ushering in a new era of gaming interactivity and financialization within the Ancient8 Ecosystem.

Stay tuned for further announcements as our exciting collaboration unfolds!

About StreamNFT

StreamNFT provides NFT utility infrastructure to drive mainStream NFT adoption and empower holders to earn, access liquidity, and engage with utility. Introduced ERC-7066 to bring on-chain conditional ownership transfer rights.

For more information, please visit:

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Ancient8 is building an ETH gaming Layer 2 built with OP Stack. We offer a suite of Web3 gaming infrastructure tools that serve as the distribution and marketing channel for games globally. With Space3 Game Publishing Platform, Ancient8 Gaming Guild, Reneverse Web3 Ads engine, A8ID, and Gosu Network, Ancient8 is dedicated to onboard millions of gamers to Web3 gaming, while providing unparalleled support to game developers looking to reach more players. Ancient8’s products have helped 100+ Web3 games and 200K+ users better navigate Web3.

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