Analyze best matches of Axie Infinity VN Championship Day 1

First of all, A8 would like to sincerely thank all of you for your support. With your help, A8 has had a very successful season since the first day. The next round’s matches will be even more eye-catching, so don't miss it!

Analyze best matches of Axie Infinity VN Championship Day 1

First of all, A8 would like to sincerely thank all of you for your support. With your help, A8 has had a very successful season since the first day. The next round’s matches will be even more eye-catching, so don't miss it!

Today, A8 has filtered out the most impressive matches in round 1 to analyze so that you all, our A8 brothers, can learn good tactics from the teams. We’ve only picked out matches with spectacular comebacks, not the best ones. There are many interesting teams in this first round and A8 will share with you in “THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING IN AXIE INFINITY PVP MATCHES” series.

Match 1: Hana@002 vs Yasuo

(You can watch the match here)

1/ Their cards:

a/ Hana@002:

b/ Yasuo

2/ Analysis of the match:

- As you can see, usually in round 1 or 2, if you have nice, damaging cards which can finish or damage & reduce the opponent tanker’s HP to less than 200, you should use all 3 energies. Especially when the opponent is a Tree with the Vegetal Bite skill to get 1 energy, if you use 3 skills in round 1, the opponent has to use at least 1-2 energies without getting anything in return. Going back to this match, you can see that Yasuo took advantage of 3 damage cards in round 1 to reduce Hana's tree’s HP to 149hp. This move is also a double-edged sword. For example, in round 2, you only have 2 energies left, but the opponent has a Pumpkin card (120 armor), if these 2 damage skills can't finish the opponent tanker in round 2 immediately, you have to end round 2 to accumulate 4 energies for the next round.

- On Hana’s side, if you have quit the first round to accumulate enough energy and cards, then try to finish the opponent's tanker in round 2 to re-balance the match. If you have not finished the opponent's tanker yet, and your tanker has lost, the 3rd round will be extremely dangerous. Because you lack energy, and the opponent has enough energy for Round 3 that can finish your second Axie. In this match, as you can see, Hana's tanker was still alive and had a Pumpkin card to defend, while the opponent only had 2 energies left in round 2, Hana didn’t have to push too hard, just harassing the tanker to balance the game was enough. Hana also used Pumpkin for the Tree to make sure the opponent couldn't finish her tanker and she could draw more cards.

- In matches, round 3 is always the round in which tankers on both sides are likely to be finished. Therefore, the key is to use energies and cards for the Axies who cause great damage to take advantage. On Yasuo’s side, he had 4 energies, especially his Rep had enough combos to backdoor the opponent. On the side of Hana, the opponent’s tanker had less than 100hp left, it's usually psychological that when the tanker is too weak, we wouldn't risk spending energies to keep the tanker alive, the opponent would likely lose the Tree, so Hana made a smart choice to use Pumpkin (+120 armor) + Cattail Slap + Disguise (+1e), to both defend the Tree, while being able to finish the enemy team’s tanker, without losing energies, and preserving 3e for this round. After this round, Hana was probably more disadvantaged because she lost the main damage source, and the opponent only lost the tanker.

In this round, Yasuo only had 2 energies left, realizing that Hana has already used up all the defense cards of the Tree in round 2 so this time, the possibility that Hana would lose the Tree was very high. Therefore, Yasuo chose 2 All-out shot cards to both conserve 2 energies for the next round and finish the opponent's Tree. On Hana's side, the card and mana of the middle Rep were enough, it was necessary to damage and try to finish 1 more Axie of the opponent to balance the game because her Tree would definitely be finished in this round. There is a small note for those who are new to Axie, if you play Rep, you must always choose the Chomp card at the end to stun the opponent.

This is the deciding round, as well as the best round of the match. On Yasuo’s side, he was quite smart to build the Bird with the Soothing Song card to penetrate the enemy’s armor, so he would use most of the energy for the Bird. However, he also found that the opponent’s Rep's damage was not great, so he decided to spend 1e on Ivory Chop (+80 armor) in case if the opponent's Rep couldn't finish his Rep, his Bird would have a huge advantage for the next round.

On Hana's side, 1 against 2 is extremely difficult. But thanks to that, we can see Hana's build is extremely nice with the Tiny Swing card that increased damage after the 4th round, and the Tiny Catapult card to counter the opponent's damage, all-round defense.

However, unluckily, the opponent's Bird, which was counter-damaged, had exactly 1 health left, otherwise, Hana would definitely win the next round.

In this last round, although Hana's Rep tried to buff 110 armor, thanks to these 2 cards: Soothing Song, which is armor-piercing, along with Headshot + balloon, Yasuo was the winner.

Through this match, you can see that the attack and defense of both teams are very comprehensive, sometimes it's just the luck factor that decides the winner. Let's congratulate the 2 players on their eye-catching match.

Match 2: Luck Aku vs Aquarius

(You can watch the match again here)

1/ The cards of 2 teams:

a/ Luck Aku:

b/ Aquarius X:

2/ Analysis of the match:

- The tactics of both sides were quite balanced and similar. Both concentrated on the main goal of dragging the match to the 1vs1 round with as many cards and physical strength remaining as possible.

- Both teams utilized very well and thoroughly the debuff in the game. It not only takes the opponent's blood but also controls and prolongs the time for the last Axie to gather cards and physical strength. Therefore, it can maximize the strength of the backline Axie.

#Combo Skills:

Early and mid-game:

- Try to use combos to finish the opponent's tanker as fast as possible.

- The common playstyle of both sides often revolves around Cute Bunny combos (fear - miss 2 turns) that both poke and cause debuffs on the opponent. It can be said that these combos were the "key" of the match which poked as well as prolonged the maximum time for the Axie backline.

However, in this match, it was clear that AquariusX didn’t want to drag the time to the late game like the original team-building strategy, in order to avoid fighting solo 1vs1 with Luck Aku. He would like to attack fast, aggressively to outnumber and end the match early.

- Why did Luck Aku change the strategy to be completely opposite to the original one? Continue reading to know the reason!

1vs1 solo stage:

1. Luck Aku:

- With the skills combo of "National Dusk": stun - reduce speed - stun - thor, it causes a large amount of damage with an annoying stun effect. This is an advantage if you can fight before the opponent while they have many debuff effects.

2. AquariusX:

- This last Plant is the biggest counter for Rep/Dusk 2 stuns. With pumpkin skillset (drawcard - 110 armor) - cactus (120dmg + 20%), this is a combo that gives Axie a huge amount of damage and shield.

- However, the strongest point of this Tree is in the tail “Gravell Ant” (all melee skills are banned) and as you all know, "National Rep" is all melee skills. If Luck Aku could pull this match back to solo 1vs1, he would be a huge advantage. Almost the opponent will not have a chance to win.

In general, both teams attacked and defended comprehensively. But Luck Aku had the right last card to counter the Rep, it helped AquariusX win. Thank you for always supporting A8 and this season championship!

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