Analyze best matches of Axie Infinity VN Championship - Quarter Finals

Match: Nhat Tinh vs Tomo3

Analyze best matches of Axie Infinity VN Championship - Quarter Finals

Match: Nhat Tinh vs Tomo3

(You can watch the match again here)

1/ The cards of 2 teams:

a/ Nhật tịnh:

b/ Tomo3:

2/ Analysis of the match:

Like every match, in the 1st round, option 1 is to save your energies, option 2 is to put all your energies to poke the opponent's blood. With Tomo3's team specificity, he would use Third Glance to discard the opponent.

In the 2nd round, if in the 1st round you use up all of your energies or only have 1 energy left, in the 2nd round you should be end-turn so that in the next round you can have 4 energies as well as enough cards.

With the 3rd round, Nhat Tinh's Nimo fish has worked well with combo Ronin + 2 other cards. Especially this is a Nimo fish, so with this combo, Nhat Tinh only lost 2 energies, quite interesting. Tomo3's tanker had too few cards to increase his armor, so he decided to sacrifice his tanker.

In the 4th round, because Nhat Tinh was likely more defensive, he decided to only use 2 energies for Pumpkin and Vegetal cards to take 1 energy from Tomo3. Surely this round Tomo3 had to finish the opponent's tanker to bring the match to 2vs2.

Although Tomo3's Mech had the Fish Snack skill that stuns the opponent if that is a Bird or Fish, the damage of Nhat Tinh's Nimo fish was quite large. Therefore,  Tomo3’s Mech couldn't stand it.

If it were me, I would guess that Nhat Tinh would win this match because he still had Trees and Fish. Tree was also a pretty strong counter when face to fish. But Tomo turned this situation extremely well. Tomo3 calmly used 2 Nimo skills + 2 acrobatic cards to speed up for the next round. With this combo, Tomo3 still retained 4 energies in this round.

Nhat Tinh's line-up was very good. Because in this round, Tomo3 Fish aimed at the Tree, not at Nhat Tinh's Nimo fish. By that, Nhat Tinh could keep both Fish and Tree, because Fish could not finish Tree in 1 round.

Luckily, Tomo3 still had 6hp left but a miracle happened. There were lots of cards for Tree not for Nhat Tinh's Fish, surely he had no other choice, had to keep Tree alive. Because the next round, Nhat Tinh Fish surely attacked after Tomo3's Fish. By that, I could see how important speed was. The Acrobatic card is really dangerous.

Just by looking at the order of the fight, you know who won, right?. That was Tomo3, a very epic situation reverse. In the first rounds, he knew he couldn't keep the 2 axies ahead, so he accepted to let Nhat Tinh's Fish discharge cards and damage. Until the last minute, he flipped the bet very well when he had enough cards and excessed energies.

Match: Huy2 vs PempemVn

(You can watch the match again here at 2:30:02)

1/ The cards of 2 teams:

a/ Huy2:

b/ PempemVN:

2/ Analysis of the match:

In the first round, with the current Fish - Fish - Bird top meta line-up, you should take more and destroy the opponent's energies with Goda, spam as much Goda as possible. Looking at PempemVN's line-up, it's a counter-squad, because 2 Dusk would attack after Fish, no matter how many energies Fish destroyed, Dusk could still take back the energies with Nimo's tail at the end of the round.

Huy2 continued to put damage on PempemVn's first Dusk. PempemVn decided to keep all the cards and energies.

In the 3rd round, because the first Dusk didn't have any defense cards, PempemVn accepted to sacrifice the first Dusk. Huy2's line-up was extremely severe when finishing 1 Dusk of the opponent, but the energies were still abundant thanks to the Nimo tail being spammed continuously.

We can see PempemVn's strategy was extremely good with an upside-down in this round. He knew the opponent had used lots of dame cards from Bird and Fish, only remained many energies. So he decided to put all his energies and cards in this round.

PempemVn successfully brought Huy2's remaining Fish to the Last stand. But he only had 2 energies left, and Huy2 had lots of energy. Maybe he had pre-calculated that Bird couldn't fight Dusk solo, why was that? Because this Bird had an All-out Shot tail, so surely, later on, the Bird's blood would decrease due to All-out Shot. And Dusk would be more advantageous as well as Dusk's blood was likely to a tanker. As a result, PempemVn won convincingly.

Hopefully, the article will give you new perspectives on the experience of playing PVP to improve your current rank!

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