Analyze best matches of Axie Infinity VN Championship - Day 2

Today, A8 has continued to filter out the most impressive matches in round 1 to analyze so that you all, our A8 brothers, can learn good tactics from the teams.

Analyze best matches of Axie Infinity VN Championship - Day 2

Today, A8 has continued to filter out the most impressive matches in round 1 to analyze so that you all, our A8 brothers, can learn good tactics from the teams. We’ve only picked out matches with spectacular comebacks, not the best ones. There are many interesting teams in this first round and A8 will share with you in “THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING IN AXIE INFINITY PVP MATCHES” series.

Match 3: Kyrie vs HuTieuHangQuan

(You can watch the match here)

1/ The cards of 2 teams:

a/ Kyrie:

b/ HuTieuHangQuan

2/ Analysis of the match:

Like every usual match, 1st round is always the round that mainly steals or takes energies from the opponent so that in round 2 they don’t have enough energies for a combo. Therefore, HuTieuHangQuan decided to use Piercing Sound, but Kyrie had a pretty good set of cards to regain the advantage with Vegetal Bite + Disguise cards.

In the 2nd round, Kyrie had lots of advantages thanks to 5 energies, but the cards weren’t good enough to use a combo. On HuTieuHangQuan's side, he had enough cards to backdoor Mech’s opponent but he only had 3 energies. That's why HuTieuHangQuan only used a combo card of Nimo tail + Aqua skill to heal and save energy as well as ensure the amount of health for 2 fish.

In the 3rd round, HuTieuHangQuan's Bird would be certainly used by finishing the opponent's Mech. This tactic was not difficult to recognize, so Kyrie accepted to give up that round, sacrificing his Mech.

In the 4th round, you could see that Kyrie had known that HuTieuHangQuan would choose a team of energy-destroying fish, so Kyrie had prepared a Tree with the Disguise skill to take back the team's energies at the end of the round. You can see Kyrie was not too "poor" about energy.

In this round, HuTieuHangQuan would definitely try to heal 2 fish to defend from Kyrie's attack

In this round, Kyrie knew for sure that he couldn't keep the tree alive, so he accepted to drop the tree. However, the subtle thing here is that he used Lagging skill to slow down the opponent's Fish, then he could attack first in the next round.

In the 7th and 8th rounds, Kyrie had an excellent solo to defeat the opponent's fish with Rep's extremely annoying skill combo: Snail shell + Tiny turtle + Thorny to face opponent's Bird in the next round.

In the 9th round, Kyrie also counted HuTieuHangQuan only had 2 energies left because he spent all energy on the fish in the previous round. So he's not in a hurry, just used Snail Shell to stun the opponent when broken armor and combined with 2 lagging cards to reduce significantly the Bird's speed. As a result, Kyris had the advantage of hitting first in the final round.

And in the last round, Kyrie easily won HuTieuHangQuan. This was really a great match from 2 players.

Match 2: Nhat Tinh vs Meomin

(You can watch here at 1:22:49)

1. The two teams' cards:

a/Nhat Tinh


2. Analysis of the match:

As you guys know, it is difficult to finish off the opponent's tanker with only 3 energies in the first round. You should skip the first round or calculate to have enough 4 energies for 1 combo in the next round. With Nhat Tinh, he used the Plant's Vegetal Bite to take 1 of the opponent's energy along with the Hot Butt to block the opponent Plant's stealing energy skill for the next round. As for Meomin, he had Luna Absord +1 energy, so he decided to use 2 cards that deal damage to the opponent's tankers.

With Nhat Tinh, he had to use Bird to backdoor Meomin's Beast. Because if he used 4 cards for Plant, it was not guaranteed that the opponent's plants could be finished, whereas, with Beast, it was for sure.

Because Meomin had wasted 2 energies on Beast, in this round, he chose to end-turn in order to accumulate cards and energies for his Reps. Nhat Tinh, on the other hand, was still putting all of his efforts to attack Meomin's tanker which help Meomin have a chance to reverse the situation.

You only see how patient and perfect Meomin's strategy is until the 4th round; he had enough cards and energies to backdoor Nhat Tinh's Bird and still had 2 energies left to guarantee for the next round. About Nhat Tinh, he decided to use 2 more energies of this round to finish off the opponent's tanker.

In this round, because Nhat Tinh's tanker had used up all his defense cards, so he had to give up on the Plant, Meomin easily finished the Plant with 3 energies.

This round reminded me of the match between Luck Aku and AquariusX. Gravel Ant's tail Plant is Rep's eternal enemy because Rep is mostly melee skills and Meomin's Rep only has Spike Throw as a ranged move. Therefore, Nhat Tinh only needed a healing combo (Drain Bite + Healing Aroma) and Gravel Ant to prolong the match to the Bloodmoon Curse round. And the result was not too surprising: Nhat Tinh triumphed convincingly.

Hopefully, this article will provide you with an objective viewpoint so that you can learn more about how to combine the skills and combinations of high-ranked teams. Wish you guys soon gain the achievement and always support A8!

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