Ancient8 was born with the cooperation between Coin98 Finance, Kyros Ventures & Coin68 Media, forming the first largest Crypto community playground in Vietnam and becoming the main topic of large and small conversations in the communities. So what makes Ancient8 so hot that everyone is interested and wants to join this Gaming Guild? Let’s find out!

1. The opportunity to experience the hottest Play-to-Earn game

Currently, Play to Earn games like Axie Infinity require you to invest a small amount of money to be able to experience the gameplay. You need to spend as little as $300 — $500, sometimes up to $1,000 — $2,000 to own a strong pet team to conquer this Axie Infinity land.

Opportunity to experience the hottest Play-to-Earn game

Coming to Ancient8 Gaming Guild, you will not need to worry about the investment anymore, we will prepare everything from A — Z, so that you can experience it comfortably. Not only that, you can also receive a passive income from playing the game itself.

2. Passive income


Not only can you play FREE games, but also earn income through playing games, and that amount of money is not small. When you become a member of the Gaming Guild, you will share in the profits earned in the game. Unlike players who invest money to create a pet team to fight and earn money, when you join the Gaming Guild, you won’t need to invest but can still earn a monthly passive income depending on your ability, your experience and rank in Ancient8.

So what if you have no experience? How to optimize your income? Find out in the next section!

3. Maximized profits with the help of Pro Players.

If you are a completely new player and do not have any experience or knowledge about playing the game as well as optimizing the profits earned from the game, there is nothing to worry about.

Ancient8 has a team of Lac Generals, who are skilled players, with full experience, to lead their team members to achieve the maximum profit, building a strong and happy Guild where everyone has the best possible income.

There is a chance to join the leadership team of Lac General if you perform well.

Besides, after showing your skills for a certain period of time, you also have the opportunity to become Lac General with new incentives, new targets to freely play however you want, increasing the income and becoming a great leader supporting new players.

What are you waiting for? Learn about Ancient8 Gaming Guild and seize its opportunities now!

About Ancient8

Ancient8 is Vietnam’s biggest blockchain gaming guild incubated by Coin98 Labs, Kyros Ventures and Coin68 Media. Ancient8 aims to create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that develops a platform to enable everyone to play and build the metaverse while earning rewards. Besides, we offer scholarships, educational content for equal economic opportunities in the metaverse.

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